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Athens offers plenty of opportunities for outdoorsy and athletic types alike. Find yourself on a trail meandering through aromatic gardens, kayaking down a river or joining an active biking community. There are many exciting ways to explore the city and surrounding areas!
This is the home of creators, free-thinkers and artists. Athens greatly supports its local artisans and some of their works can be found throughout town, making it a vibrant, creative place to live.
Athens is made up of many different neighborhoods that each have their own vibe. The people fall on a spectrum from traditional to quirky, but this only helps give the city a unique local color that lets you march to the beat of your own drum.
Enjoy a show from and up-and-coming band in one of downtown’s smaller venues, laugh at a comedian in the Classic Center, or cheer for your favorite college sports team at a University of Georgia athletic event. Athens is a hub for all sorts of talent and festivities for the community to enjoy!
It can be difficult to pick just one favorite place to eat in Athens! The number of local restaurants and eateries each offer a diverse atmosphere and menu that is waiting to be experienced. Let your taste buds run wild over the flavors around town.
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